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Latest News - Fall and Winter Gardening in Texas

One of the many wonderful things about gardening in Texas is our long gardening season. One can nearly garden year-round! Take a look at wonderful ideas and projects for fall or anytime of the year by visiting the Dallas Master gardeners pages for month to month gardening in North Texas. Check out all the fun for fall and winter gardening projects at: Dallas County Master Gardeners: Gardening by the Month site.

Don't forget: Drought continues to be a issue here in North Texas. See the list below for some simple tips for conserving water at home and in your garden.

Tips for Conserving Water

  • Water your lawn no more than twice a week and only during morning hours
  • Use drip irrigation instead of sprinklers
  • Wash full loads of dishes or laundry
  • Cut back on washing your vehicle
  • Replace old plumbing with water saving fixtures.
  • Consider installing a cistern, rain barrels, or rainwater garden