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One of the great things about the Internet is there are some many wonderful people, groups, and educational institutions which share their knowledge freely. With Summer upon us in North Texas, we'd like to draw your attention to one such free resource that is highly relevant to gardeners in our area: Texas A&M Rainwater Harvesting site.

Drought is something we are going to continually face in our area. However, we stil live in an area that can potentially receive 30 inches of rain a year. So why not capture this nutrient rich, free water from the sky? Building your own rainwater harvesting system, or even a rainwater garden is not hard. Take a tour of the Texas A&M site - there is a little something for everyone including "how to videos," photos of different types of catchment systems, and intructional guides. See if you too aren't inspired to capture and use this free, natural bounty of rain!"

More Tips for Conserving Water

  • Water your lawn no more than twice a week and only during morning hours
  • Use drip irrigation instead of sprinklers
  • Wash full loads of dishes or laundry
  • Cut back on washing your vehicle
  • Replace old plumbing with water saving fixtures.
  • Consider installing a cistern, rain barrels, or rainwater garden