Painted Flower Farm Consulting provides services relating to biological control and microbiology-based plant interactions. We also do contract research in our microbiology laboratories and research greenhouses.

Examples of the types of projects we can handle are listed below but are not limited to these.

  • Isolation of microorganisms with biological control or growth promotion activities
  • Selection and development of culture techniques and development of fermentation media for small-scale production
  • Formulation and stability development and evaluation of biologically-based products
  • Quality control testing and evaluation of products or formulations from other parties either in-vitro and/or in-planta
  • Coordination of field scale evaluation with universities or other third-party organizations
  • Written reports and consulting based on 50 years of commercial experience on path forward to commercialization
  • Experience with dealing with USDA and EPA
  • Experience with the Organic Market and this market's special requirements

If we can be of help with research in any of these areas contact Donald Kenney at 214-914-9679 or